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Mexican Recipes with Gluten Free Salsa

Ingredients (serves 4-6)
1 pkt Corn Chips
150g Grated cheese
¼ cup Finely diced onion
½ cup Sour cream
  Rio Dolores salsa sauce
  Jalapeno chillies to taste

Mexican Salsa Nachos


Cover a large oven- proof plate with corn chips. Layer on the salsa and, onion. Sprinkle grated cheese on top and heat until cheese is melted in a microwave or grill. Add jalapenos and sour cream on top to taste.

Serving Suggestions

Add a side of sour cream, heated Mexican beans, guacamole, sliced black olives.

Ingredients (makes 3 Quesadillas)
6 Flour tortillas
250g Lean ground beef
250g Cheddar cheese
1 jar Hot or Medium Rio Dolores Salsa Sauce

Mexican Quesadillas with Salsa

Mexican Recipe: Quesedillas Preparation

Cook and drain the mince. Crumble it into bits and mix with the onion and salsa. Heat a large skillet to medium heat. Place a tortilla on the skillet. Sprinkle on a layer of cheese. Top 1/3 of the meat, bean and salsa mix, then another layer of cheese. Top with another tortilla.

When the bottom layer of cheese is melted, turn the quesadilla over and melt the other side. Plate the quesadilla and cut into
6-8 pieces (like a pizza). Repeat for 2 more quesadillas. These are terrific hor d'ouvres.

4 Marinated boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 Avocados in slices
1 Head shredded lettuce
2 Large diced tomatoes
1 Red capsicum, julienned
1 Small red onion minced
200g Shredded cheddar cheese
200g Corn chips or 4 tortilla bowls
250ml Hot or Medium Rio Dolores Salsa
  A small tin sliced black olives
Marinade mixture
50ml Olive oil
2 cloves Bruised garlic
¼ tsp Ground cumin
½ tsp Paprika
¼ tsp Oregano
  Pinch of salt
  Juice of 1 lime

Chicken and Avocado Taco Salad


Marinate chicken breasts overnight in the marinade mixture.

Roast the chicken breasts in a in a shallow pan at 160ºC until cooked through.

Layer the chips and lettuce in four large bowls. Add tomatoes, avocado and capsicum. After the chicken is thoroughly cooked, julienne and add to bowl. Sprinkle with cheese and olives.

Serve with diced onion and Rio Dolores salsa. For extra richness, try a dollop of sour cream.


4-6 Fish fillets
200 ml White wine
150 ml Water
1 jar Rio Dolores Hot or Medium Salsa Sauce
1/3 cup Minced red onion
  Juice from 1 lemon

White Fish with Salsa

White Fish with Salsa Mexican Style Preparation

Preheat oven to 200°C.

Place the fish in a baking tin with the wine, water and lemon juice. It should not cover the fish. Dust the fish with the salt, paprika, oregano, cumin and garlic powder.

Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the fish flakes. Drain the juice from the pan. Spoon the salsa onto the fish and return to the oven for 1-2 minutes until the salsa is warmed.

Garnish with minced red onion.

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